Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26th march session

well dis session was pretty sketchy for joel n michael, due to their lack of skating. Yea well not much done dis session. michael n joel left around 7 so karl, jason n i just stuck round and kept skating. heres a link to some pix of da session since blogger fucked it up lol

Sunday, March 16, 2008

palmo edit

well as promised i would deliver a palmo edit, decided to throw in some pics at da end just to fill up da song u kno. ther was supposed to b a part wher jason fs shifty 270 out but accidentally and i mean ACCIDENTALLY cut it out, srry jason. well enjoy every1

Saturday, March 15, 2008

saturday 15th march palmo session

went to palmo skatepark like 3:30, skate session started off lame cos of rain haha. once da rain stopped went to maccas cos i was hungry lol. when we got back to skatepark we met up wit dis grant dude. what i learnt is that he was an old school skater, skated back in da day wit zorba. so da session consisted of me, jason, my lil bro and grant. got a few tricks down, pretty sick session, best 1 in a while, lol. his bs nugens and sweatys r fucking low as, also smooth, considerin he didnt skate for at least 3 months ive heard. challenged him to a game of skate. we stopped da game at da park cos we wanted to go street skating. the end result of da game was i ended up on S, grant ended up on SK and jason just got eliminated easily. also tried truespin acid soul, but didnt succeed. wen we got to rails behind bus depot skating got pretty tight. grant got a sketchy ao top pornstar but still was pretty gud on his sweatys n kindgrinds. i ended up landin fs shifty with a 450 spin out of it successfuly. didnt get pics of grant skating cos i was too busy filming but got some fotos frm after he left

Chris: sweatstance

Chris:Kind grind

Chris: Top soul
Chris: fs nugen

Chris: lol another fs nugen, even lower

Jason: fs shifty

Jason: bs nugen

Will upload da videos of da session in an edit later on when i get da time

Thursday, March 6, 2008

wednesday 5th

Sunday, March 2, 2008

sunday 2nd march 08 sesh

today was a bludge session since it fucking started pissin down rain like 4:30. Got to da park at 2:30. skaters were jason, robert, michael(lil bro) and myself. session was practically sketchy whole way thru. srry no pics since ther wasnt any time to take any or i just couldnt b fucked lol. had to steal da gc frames off my bro since trs frames r shit and yeh. yeh nothin interesting since zorba was a no show and i didnt hav any competition in grinds lol. well enjoy a pic of jasons makio down da kink at leanyer near 2 weeks ago