Sunday, June 22, 2008

21st june session fotos

Zorba: top soul
Eric: bs nugen

Chris: 180 drop

Saturday, June 21, 2008

mmhm havent posted anythin in a while, bout fucking time i posted something on here. anyways had a skate session today. it was just me, zorba and eric who has just come back to skating after 2 years and is one of da guys that skated wit zorba back in da day. jason was gonna skate but he bitched out for some unknown reason. it was a sketchy session since every1 hasnt skated in at least a month after not puttin da blades on. wasnt really any new tricks since all of us were tryin to get back into it. but i finally got a fishbrain in, FINALLY lol. we were expecting ewen and grant down at da park but they didnt show up. hopefully they are up for da darwin high session on wednesday then we'd hav a decent skate session. there werent many fotos of da session but il upload em a bit later