Monday, August 25, 2008

old 2007 photos

i just decided to upload some late 07 skate pix since i was bored, only got skate pix of me n jason cos i cbf lookin for zorbas for some reason. well enjoy

new header and new domain

as u can see i just put up a new header and domain name for da site. i thought zcrew is kinda old, hell i didnt even come up wit da name. this isnt the finished product, just gotta get a bit more footage of eric and change colours, maybe change the layout completely. il put it up wen i get to making it. anyways enjoy

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photos frm sundays session

Grant: sweatstance
One of grants stacks, lol
another bad landing, lol imagine if ledge was double height, ouch
Grant: Soul
Jason: Makio
Chris: AO Acid Soul
Grant: Sweatstance (another angle)
Grant: BS Shifty
Chris: BS UFO
Grant: AO Porn


WOW WOW WOW holy shit no updates for 2 months, wow maybe its lack of skating for last few months. Got back into it, skated few times within the last fortnight but havent got footaged til just last sunday in palmo. arrived at palmo skatepark 11am since there was a comp on but didnt enter since there was practically no competition for me or jason. Grant arrived like 2:30-3 but it was too late to enter. had a bit of a skate but it was too crowded with woodpushers, metal pedallers and metal pushers so we left at like 4. Went grants for a while checkin out photos of the bladers skating years ago. Will recieve a dvd soon of videos of them skating back in the day. then went to a school they skated years ago, i think it was called sacred hearts, got kicked out 20-30 minutes later then skated palmo ledges. there were a few gud stacks but no videos srry but photos are up, il post in next post. Then went leanyer for a while but left after half hour. Zorba couldnt skate since he injured his back playin soccer i think and erics in sydney wit peter. heard hes got some xsjados now, wonder how they skate. Il post da photos in da next post