Thursday, November 6, 2008


MMMM holy crap looking at da date for last post it appears i havent updated in a month. Anyways no skating has been going on for da last few weeks since everyone has been busy with their own shit. The new halfpipe at leanyer has been built and ready to roll. Zorba, Grant and I are rolling leayer today to get some footage of us skating the halfpipe. Probably only me n grant r gonna skate it and zorba will film, IF THE SKATE SESSION DOESN'T GET CANCELLED lol. May post da footage tonight, if we end up getting any lol

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Harley said...

Yo, I'm one of those NZ dudes you aussies love to hassle so much moving to Darwin in about a month. Keen as to hook up with some skaters. I'm not much for the halfpipes etc but keen as to learn, although I'm probably too unco. and Probaby will just wheel around holding the rails looking envious of your skills. ;)
Leanyer will be my new nabe even - where exactly is the skate park - like what road is it near on Vanderlin?
Anyway, get in touch maybe? I'm gonna be nomates otherwise and boo hoo sad. Let's be friends. Heh.
- harley